Hi, I'm Leif.

I'm a freelance Full Stack Developer and Support Specialist, working remotely.

By day, I work as Wintel Engineer at a German multinational company. Which means I run and maintained Windows servers for corporate clients.

You can check my CV here. And you can check Github for my web projects.

I used to be a musician. And my band rocked the local chart during those times but it's shortlived. I ended up being a guitar pedal geek for years.

Recently I became fascinated with minimalism, the reason why I made this page plain and neat.

Running has become my current obsession and has been active in local marathon events. Would love to run in Bali, London and Boston!

Occasionally, I share my thoughts on Medium.

To get updates on what I'm doing right now, new projects, hobbies, indulgence and whatnot, you may check my NOW page.

Last but not least, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Email. Love to chat, do holler.